“I have used the services of Maggie’s Menagerie Veterinary Services since 2014 for all of my animals. I can’t say enough about Dr. Sjoberg, Dr. Rice, Jennifer and Christine. They are always prompt and caring with exceptional knowledge in both small animal and equine reproduction. I have had over 85% conception rate over the past 5 years. In 2019 Dr. Rice had 4 out of 5 mares in foal on one shipment. The 5th mare on the second shipment. Most all mares being confirmed in foal on the 12 to 13 days by ultrasound. I highly recommend Maggie’s for all of your reproduction and veterinarian needs.”

Janna K

Krimson Kennels, Jefferson GA

“All the doctors and staff with Maggie’s Menagerie are wonderful, caring people. Very down to earth and understanding. Being able to either go to the clinic or have the doctors come out to the farm is wonderful.”

Brittany and Chris K

Homer, GA

“Can not thank them enough for helping my pygmy goat Buddy, who had kidney stones and was so sick. They helped him and kept me calm. Buddy is my first goat ever, he was a bottle baby, I Love Him So Much. They were there for us and today he is playing and happy again. Thank You All So Much!”

Kathy W

Comer, GA

“Maggie’s Menagerie,

I would like to thank your entire team. In the last few years we have had some heartbreaking situations with our family of fur babies and every staff member, with a very special recognition to Dr. Sjoberg and Dr. Rice, have shown not only that they care for our furry family, but the owners as well. I couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and knowledge that your clinic has shown over the years for my large and small animals.

Keep up the fantastic work that you do, you are truly a blessing!”

Brenda W

Canon, GA

“Our horse Faith wasn’t gaining weight, wouldn’t finish her feed, and was very picky about what she would eat in general.  Maggie’s Menagerie had a Gastroscopy Event this year so we decided to have Faith scoped where they confirmed she had gastric ulcers.  We treated her with Gastrogard as recommended and immediately began to see a difference. Her appetite improved, she wasn’t pacing her stall, and pawing when trailering/tied has almost stopped.

We use our horses for all types of trail riding — sometimes we go camping for a week at a time. They are trailered 2-3 times a week and ridden 6-9 hrs weekly. Most recently we rode 32 miles in two days. We decided to have one of our other horses scoped after a three day camping trip. On the camping trip Sophie (my mare) tried to bite me when tighting the girth, she laid down when I stretched out her front legs, and her attitude was horrible out on the trail — This was not my horse!!! I didn’t care if I ever rode her again!!  After scoping her we found that she too has gastric ulcers — I wanted to cry I felt so bad. Her behavior was because she felt like crap. She could have hurt me but she never offered to buck, she did the best she could in my mind. After 2 weeks on Gastrogard I have my horse back 100%. I strongly recommended if your equine partner is not themselves to think about having them checked for gastric ulcers.”

Janet R

Hull, GA

“We met Dr. Sjoberg and the staff at the end of our sweet Pele’s life. She gave us 17 years of pure love and entertainment. Dr. Sjoberg was very compassionate as he examined her and discussed our options. When the time came to end her suffering, the staff explained each step of the process. I especially appreciated (and admired) them for not being emotional. Today we received a sympathy card from the staff in another show of compassion. I am planning on adding Fergus as a client at his next checkup.”

Trudy S

Danielsville, GA

“I have been using Dr. Eric Sjoberg and Maggie’s Menagerie Veterinary Services for over 25 years.  The have cared for and treated many animals for me – horses, dogs and cats.  They care and are excellent vets.  They respond quickly in an emergency. Dr. Sjoberg saved two dogs who got into poison one time.  They gave me an extra year and a half with the best cat I ever had.  I would recommend Dr. Sjoberg and his wonderful staff to anyone, and do, any chance I get!”

Glenda F

Colbert, GA

“I have been taking my pets to Maggie’s Menagerie for almost 9 years.  They are very professional, highly knowledgeable, thorough, and work well with animals (even when the pet does not want to fully cooperate).  They have a very calming manner, which makes the whole experience better for the pet and owner.

One of my cats, Lovey, was born with one of her back legs twisted.  Maggie’s Menagerie ran the necessary tests, determined the possibilities, and described what they found helping me to make the decision to have the leg amputated (the bone plate was flat, the leg could not be maneuvered around, it would have just caused pain and more issues for Lovey). At six months old, Lovey had her surgery at Maggie’s Menagerie.  They told me to try to keep her calm when she came home.  However, Lovey was so excited about finally being able to move more freely, that she ran all over the house.

I would highly recommend Maggie’s Menagerie to others.  You will benefit from the great wealth of knowledge, and know-how of the staff.  You will not be sitting around waiting on answers, as they are quick to notice any issues, and to describe to you what they found.  The love they have for animals is what makes them so compassionate, and up to date on what is needed. Lovey is now 8 years old.”

Shannon D

Athens, GA

“I First started using Maggie’s Menagerie in 1996. They have been there every time one of my pets have needed something. Everyone has so much compassion and truly cares for all creatures. Numerous pets of mine have lived very long, healthy lives thanks to MMVS.”

Melinda H