Welcome to the Practice

Maggie’s Menagerie has a well-equipped small animal hospital, including a surgical facility. We perform many common soft tissue surgeries including spay and neuter procedures, mass removals, and gastrointestinal surgeries. All animals are monitored during surgery using equipment that measures blood pressure, oxygenation of the blood, temperature, and – if needed – provides an electrocardiogram. Intravenous catheters are used routinely. Dr. Jennifer Adams, diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia, performs the anesthesia on many patients and especially on older and/or debilitated patients who require special care during surgery. We perform a limited number of orthopedic procedures at this time, consequently we refer most orthopedic cases to local veterinarians who specialize in that area.

When possible – and when an animal’s condition is stable – we like to send our patients home to recuperate where they are usually more comfortable and where their owner can monitor their progress. While our doctors have been known in special cases to spend the night in the clinic with patients, we typically do not provide overnight care. If 24-hour care is required, we are happy to refer clients to the University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

We often treat our equine patients in the field for medical conditions including colic, metritis, eye problems, lacerations, neurologic disorders, and other diseases.  Our in-house laboratory allows us to quickly and efficiently look for hematologic abnormalities and treat them appropriately.  In this area, we are very fortunate to have Dr, Jennifer Adams, diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (large animal), on our staff.

Our equine surgery is currently limited to field procedures including castrations, enucleations, wound repair, joint lavage and treatment, umbilical hernia repairs, and other similar procedures.

To provide excellent patient care, veterinarians must have the right tools. Below is a list of the equipment and facilities Maggie’s Menagerie veterinarians have at their disposal. For more information on the capabilities enabled by these tools, please visit our Services section

A dedicated surgery suite with patient monitoring equipment; electrosurgery is available when necessary

In-house laboratory equipment for routine studies

One analog and two digital ultrasound machines with a complete set of probes that allow examination of multiple body party

Three-meter endoscope (large enough to allow examination of the stomach of an adult horse)

Small animal power dental equipmenty

A stationary digital radiology machine configured for small animal patients

Class 4 therapeutic laser (useful for chronic inflammatory conditions, acute wounds, and snake bites)

Two sets of power equine dental equipment

A portable digital radiology machine for use on equine patients on-site (can also be used to radiograph small animal patients in the field)

One-meter fiber optic endoscope

Three practice vehicles equipped with the necessary equipment and medications to diagnose and treat most cases in a single visit