Welcome to Maggie's Menagerie Veterinary Services!

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Welcome to Maggie’s Menagerie Veterinary Services!

Maggie’s Menagerie serves horses, cats, dogs, and small ruminants in our office or at your location. Dogs and cats are usually seen in the clinic where medications and diagnostic equipment are readily available. When necessary, we can and will travel to your home for small animals.

Horses and small ruminants are normally seen on the farm, but can be seen at the clinic also. There is limited availability of stalls for horses, which are mostly used for mares being bred.

Unfortunately, we do not treat exotics or cattle at this time.

The doctors and staff are enthusiastic animal lovers trained to provide excellent patient care in a relaxed atmosphere. Our veterinarians have over 50 years of combined experience in veterinary medicine. Our full-service hospital is located in Ila, Georgia, and our well-appointed practice vehicles allow us to care for our equine patients on-site. Maggie’s Menagerie uses state-of-the-art equipment to make diagnoses quickly and accurately, and to provide state of the art treatment. The equipment includes multiple digital x-ray machines, a full in-house laboratory, therapeutic laser, digital ultrasound machines, one- and three-meter endoscopes, electro-surgery and power dental tools. However, our most important assets are our doctors and staff – a dedicated team who “goes the extra mile” for our patients and clients.


Our Mission

The mission of Maggie’s Menagerie Veterinary Services is to improve quality of life for our animal patients and their owners by providing the very best care we are capable of at an affordable price.  We will always treat our clients fairly and our patients with respect and compassion. We will furnish the personnel, equipment, and facilities necessary to provide excellent care. If we have a patient who requires specialized equipment, services, or resources that we do not have, we will promptly refer the patient to a nearby facility that can continue treatment to ensure the best possible outcome. In addition to caring for our clients and patients, we will support our staff by establishing a comfortable and enjoyable work environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

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